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Here we pay tribute to the American classic family game show, Family Feud. A brief history of the game, how to play family feud, and of course, how to play Family Feud online free. We also tell you where you can win cash playing in Family Feud online game contests. Enjoy!Family Feud is an American TV game show in which two families compete against one another in a contest to identity the most favorite responses to a survey question presented to 100 individuals. The original version was released on ABC and was hosted until it was canceled in 1985, by which point it had grown in popularity worldwide. The series was revived by CBS in 1988 until being cancelled in 1993. Family Feud was set off again in 1999 and continues to air with the Family Feud’s first season in HD, season 14, which began on September 10, 2012.

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How to Play Family Feud

Game Options & The Start ScreenOnce the game loads, you will see the Start Screen. Choose “Options” to set the volume of the music and sound effects. Then, choose a family to play and enter your name. There are various families to select from (some a little crazier than others), so choose the one you like the most! When you’re all set to start playing Family Feud, choose “Start”.If this is your first time playing, when you start the game a tutorial will load automatically .Game PlayIn Family Feud, you’ll be challenged to rate the popularity of answers to a sequence of survey questions. There are two components to the game… the Main Round and the Fast Money Round. During the Main Round, beat the clock to determine the most popular responses. Improve your score in the Fast Money Round by selecting the single most common answer.

Main Round

You will see five survey questions during the main round. For each question, you will also see twelve survey responses. Choose the answers that you believe are the four most common answers by left clicking on them.

You have a restricted amount of time to reply to each question in the main round. If you find all four of the top answers before your time runs out, you will be awarded a time bonus for every 0.1 seconds left on your clock.

If you choose the wrong response, you’ll get a “strike.” Get 3 strikes and you will automatically proceed to the next question and surrender any time bonus. After responding to all the questions, you’ll also get bonus points for any unused strikes!

Fast Money Round

In the Fast Money Round, you will see five survey questions, this time with eight possible responses. Choose the most common answer for each question and you will score bonus points that equal the number of participants who chose the exact same answer. Just like in the Main Round, you will also be awarded extra points for any time left on your clock.

Family Feud Game Scoring

Understand Family Feud Scoring for a Competitive Edge

Main Rounds
Correct Answer = 200 points each
Unused Strike = 50 points each
Time Bonus = 10 points per tenth of a second remainingFast Money Round
You will be awarded a point for each respondent who answered the same as you
Time Bonus = 10 points per tenth of a second remaining

Winning at Online Family Feud

Only a few things to remember to win Family Feud

Winning at Family Feud is pretty straightforward. Maximize the number of correct answers, minimize the number of strikes, and do it as fast as possible for maximum time bonus. It’s that simple!Watch the clock. You have a limited time to answer each question. While you should be aware of your remaining time, it is more important that you simply move fast! Answer carefully but quickly! The faster you play, the better your time bonus will be.Remember that strikes hurt your score. You should avoid guessing as both a strategy or act of desperation, as it will cost you bonus points for every strike.

Win Money Playing Family Feud Online Game Contests


While you are able to play an unlimited number of games of online Family Feud for free, you are also welcome to compete in contests. Family Feud online game contests are played by first paying a small entry fee. You are then matched to an opponent with similar abilities. Beat your opponent(s) and win cash prizes as described in each contest. If you are new to playing online game contests or to online Family Feud, it is recommended that you play at least a couple free contests to become familiar with how the game is played and also to gauge how you match up against other players. Once you are comfortable playing Family Feud and are feeling confident, try a contest. You may just be the next Family Feud pro!