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This is for fans of the popular game show “Wheel of Fortune®” who would like to play the game online against other (human) players. Learn about where to play Wheel of Fortune® for free online and how to compete in Wheel of Fortune game contests with cash prizes. You can even play in Wheel of Fortune® tournaments held to support The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®! We even threw in some tips to winning at Wheel of Fortune®. Have Fun!

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This link will take you to Worldwinner.com, an established provider of popular online games and host of contests in games of skill for cash prizes. Worldwinner allows you to try out and practice their games for free, by providing just an email address.

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Wheel of Fortune Online Game Play

The version of Wheel of Fortune® presented here includes 2 rounds: THE MAIN ROUND and THE BONUS ROUND.
The object of the main round is to solve the puzzle using the given clue (category) and by guessing letters to fill in the blanks. Each turn, you are presented with 3 options: SPIN, BUY A VOWEL, and SOLVE THE PUZZLE. You SPIN the wheel with the intent of guessing a consonant. The wheel includes a number of monetary values. Money amounts featured in the game do not represent real money, and are used only for scoring purposes and to replicate the actual game show, Wheel of Fortune®. The amount of money you spin is multiplied by the number of times a successful consonant guess is present in the puzzle. For example, if the puzzle is “MISSISSIPPI” and you spin $500 and guess the letter “S”, you are awarded $2000 to your score ($500 x 4 S’s = $2000). If you would like to guess a vowel, there is no spinning the wheel. You pay $250 from your score to guess A, E, I, O, or U. If you buy a vowel that is not in the puzzle, you lose a turn. You may also attempt to solve the puzzle on any turn. This gives you 30 seconds to fill in the missing letters. If you fail to correctly solve the puzzle in 30 seconds, you lose a turn. Your goal is to solve the puzzle with the highest score (most money) possible. The SPEED BONUS shown in the upper left corner of the Wheel of Fortune game play screen is added to your score at the end of the round. The main round begins with the Speed Bonus set at $5000. This value decreases $25 per second as the game is played, offering an incentive to solve the puzzle quickly.The Wheel of Fortune BONUS ROUND is much faster and follows successful completion of the main round. This round offers an additional $1000 added to your score for successfully solving the puzzle in the time allotted. Rather than use the wheel or buy vowels, the letters R, S, T, N, L, and E in the puzzle are given. You choose 3 additional consonants and 1 more vowel. You must use only the R, S, T, N, L, and E that are given and your selected 3 consonants and 1 vowel to solve the puzzle.

About Online Wheel of Fortune® Game Contests

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Online Wheel of Fortune Game Contests



What you should know about the Wheel of Fortune® online game contests explained here:

1. Wheel of Fortune® Online Game Contests are held by Worldwinner.com, a provider of a number of popular online games including Wheel of Fortune®.

2. Worldwinner® always allows you to play for practice absolutely FREE! You only pay to enter contests.

3. Worldwinner®’s Wheel of Fortune® game contests are NOT CONSIDERED GAMBLING, as Wheel of Fortune® is a game of skill, in which the players’ abilities determine the outcome, not chance or luck. A fee is paid for entry into the contest, where you are matched with other players by a number of factors including skill and game history.

4. Current entry fees for Wheel of Fortune® contests begin at $0.99 and go as high as $35.00

5. You pay contest entry fees by depositing funds by credit card or Paypal. Worldwinner® is currently offering a promotion for new players that gives you $20.00 in you Worldwinner® account when you deposit the minimum of $10.00.


Tips for Winning at Wheel of Fortune®

Increase your chances of winning by maximizing your score!

Play Wheel of Fortune Free and Enter Cash Contests on Worldwinner.com
The goal of winning online Wheel of Fortune game contests is simple: get the highest score. Your score is increased in the Main Round in 2 ways. You are awarded money for each spin that concludes with guessing a correct consonant. The second factor affecting your score is the Speed Bonus, which is increased by solving the puzzle quickly.In the beginning, when you don’t know the puzzle, make logical consonant guesses. R, S, & T are known as the letters most frequented in Wheel of Fortune® puzzles. Guessing them early on can save you turns and quickly give a clue to the puzzle’s solution. At the same time, remember that the amount you spin is multiplied by the number of times the letter you guess is in the puzzle. So, if you think there are a lot of T’s in the puzzle, it would be best to guess the letter T when you have spun $900, rather than $300.Don’t buy vowels if you can avoid it. Buying a vowel costs $250 from your score and will result in the loss of a turn if you guess incorrectly. If you are low on turns, buying a vowel can give you the insight you need solve the puzzle. If you know a certain word or part of the puzzle, and you can spare a turn, guess the vowels you are unsure about help with the unknown word(s). Save the vowels you know for sure for when you are in desperate need, like when you are nearly out of turns.When you know the solution, it is not always in your best interest to solve right away. You may in fact achieve a higher score by spinning the wheel and guessing consonants you know for sure, then by solving immediately for the higher speed bonus. Remember that the speed bonus (beginning at $5000) goes down $25 per second as you play. This means that the speed bonus is reduced by $500 in a period of 20 seconds. One turn can take less than 20 seconds, especially if you know the solution and immediately spin and guess, often awarding you more points. For example, if the puzzle is shown as W H _ _ L O _ _ O R T U N _ , spin the wheel and guess the letter “F”. There are two F’s in the solution, “WHEEL OF FORTUNE”, and you will be awarded the amount you spin x 2. Even is you spin only $300, as long as you complete your turn in under 24 seconds, the $600 you are awarded is higher than loss incurred in your speed bonus. If you know the answer, quickly spin and fill in all the consonants and then solve to fill in the vowels.MORE WHEEL OF FORTUNE ONLINE GAME TIPS1. The most common letters in the English language are E, T, A, O, I, N, S, H, R, D, L, U in that order.2. The most commonly overlooked consonant by Wheel of Fortune is “H”. Also, remember that H is in the 3-letter word “THE”, a common article in names, places, etc.

3. For TITLES, like Songs, the word “BY” is often present.

4. For Locations and Places on the Map, remember the 4 letter word “CITY”.

5. For BEFORE & AFTER and SAME NAME puzzles, remember the 3-letter word “AND”

6. If you must fill in a 1-letter word, guess “A” first, then “I”.

7. Use periods (.) and apostrophes (‘) to your advantage. A (.) usually follows MR., MRS., or MS. in a PERSON puzzle. Apostrophes are used in contractions and are frequently seen in Wheel of Fortune puzzles that are SONG LYRICS, PHRASES and TITLES. The obvious (‘S) used for possession and (‘RE) found in words like WE’RE and THEY’RE is probably less common then (‘T) like in DON’T, CAN’T, ISN’T, and WON’T.

8. Use words you have already uncovered in addition to the given hint (category) as context clues as to what the other words might be.

9. Think during times when you cannot act, like when the wheel is spinning. Stopping play to consider possible solutions, decreases your speed bonus and risks running out of time. Watch the timer!

10. Practice the game at least a few times before entering a contest, allowing you to get a feel for Wheel of Fortune® game play. As a new player, try to increase the funds in your account by winning tournaments with less players. These are typically cheaper to enter and the payouts can be used to enter contests with a more attractive prize amount.