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How to Play Bejeweled 2

To win Bejeweled 2, or any Bejeweled games for that matter, you must be observant, alert and FAST!  This lens shows you how to play Bejeweled 2, explains the rules of the game and provides some tips and strategies to help you win. And of course, where you can play Bejeweled 2 (and also Bejeweled Twist) absolutely free. You also have the option to deposit as little as $10 into an account to use for entry fees in online Bejeweled 2 game contests where you can win cash prizes.

Play Bejeweled 2 Online Game Free

The object of the popular game Bejeweled 2 is to get the highest score possible by moving gems on an 8×8 grid to form lines of three in a row or more. You can switch any two gems that are next to each other either horizontally or vertically (not diagonal) to create a line of three or more. When this happens, the gems disappear and the gems above fall to fill the spaces and points are added to your score. If no moves remain on the board, the grid is replenished and the game continues. Each game of Bejeweled 2 lasts for 3 minutes, shown on the timer bar at the bottom of the game screen. It is critical that you think and move quickly, as your game score will suffer every 15 seconds you go without switching any gems. A HINT is given automatically, but costs you 50 points times the level multiplier. The same penalty applies when you use the HINT button manually.

A POWER GEM is created in Bejeweled 2 when you make a line of four matching gems. When a power gem is used in a line combo, it explodes, taking out the gems around it. If another power gem is caught in the crossfire, it will blow up too! Bejeweled 2 is all about accumulating a high score as fast as possible, making power gems important to winning. For even more points, create a line of five gems of the same color and receive a HYPER GEM. When a hyper gem is switched with a gem, all of the gems of that color on the grid are eliminated.

Bejeweled 2 game controls are very simple. Click on a gem and then click on a gem to the left or right, above, or below it to switch them. If your move does not form a line, the gems go back as they were. If you accidently click the wrong gem, click it again to unselect it.

Bejeweled 2 Game Scoring

Learn all the ways to earn bonus points in Bejeweled 2 to maximize your score

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Bejeweled 2 scoring is based on the lines you create. Creating simultaneous lines awards extra points as follows:

2nd match: 20 points
3rd match: 30 points
4th match: 40 points
5th match: 60 points
6th match: 80 points
7th match: 110 points
8th match: 160 points
9th match and more: 210 points

For a line of 4 gems, a bonus of +10 points is awarded.
For a line of 5 gems, a bonus of +20 points is awarded.

If power gems are destroyed as part of a combo, the following bonus points are awarded:

1st Power Gem: +20 points
2nd Power Gem: +40 points
3rd Power Gem: +50 points
4th Power Gem: +60 points
And so on, increasing the bonus points by +10 for each additional Power Gem.

Hyper gems do not create lines, but blows up the gem that it was switched, plus all gems of its color. The following bonus points are awarded:

75 points for the Hyper Gem
20 points for each normal gem destroyed
60 points for each Power Gem destroyed

As you increase your score, you will advance levels in Bejeweled. A score multiplier is applied to points you earn, that increases with each level.

Score 500 points to reach Bejeweled Level 2 and multiply your score x 1.5
Score 975 points to reach Bejeweled Level 3 and multiply your score x 2
Score 1600 points to reach Bejeweled Level 4 and multiply your score x 2.5
Score 2375 points to reach Bejeweled Level 5 and multiply your score x 3
Score 3300 points to reach Bejeweled Level 6 and multiply your score x 3.5

Winning at Bejeweled 2

Sharpen your Bejeweled 2 Skills and Win Cash in these online game contests!

1. THINK FAST, CLICK FAST! You have only 3 minutes to get that winning score. If you are playing in a Bejeweled 2 contest, you will need to be faster than your opponent(s) to secure the win.

2. Look for opportunities to create multiple lines with one switch. Large combinations award you a significant amount of bonus points in a short period of time.

3. Chained explosions are nice way to score points in Bejeweled 2. Detonate multiple power gems at once to create a chained explosion.

4. Use Hyper Gems when you are having trouble finding matches to create lines. Eliminating all the gems of one color scattered accross the game grid will likely create a lot of new lines, as well as score a ton of points.

5. Level up as quickly as you can and apply the scoring multipliers of the higher levels early on. Success or failure to do this can greatly impact your total game score.