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Play Bejeweled 2 for Money

Play Bejeweled for Money

Bejeweled Online Game Contests

Play Bejeweled 2 for Money           Play Bejeweled 2 Free Online

Play Bejeweled Competitions for Money
Play Bejeweled for money by competing in online game contests against real human players for cash prizes! Also enjoy all the practice play you want with our unlimited free bejeweled games to play.

Just to get you started..

Do your best to level up as quickly as possible. The multipliers for the higher levels can have a massive impact on your score.

Look for any opportunity to give yourself multiple matches with one swap. You can gain a lot of extra points if you are able to make a continuous sequence of matches.

When you are struggling to find a match, Hyper Cubes can be your savior. By clearing all of one color you are almost certain to create a bunch of new matches, as well as scoring a ton of points.

Take full advantage of the chained explosions bonus by setting off many Power Gems at the same time.

Think FAST! You’ve only got three minutes to get the highest score you can, so think and move quickly!


Play Bejeweled Twist for Money

Play Bejeweled Twist for Money

Bejeweled Twist Game Contests Online

Play Bejeweled Twist for Money           Play Bejeweled Twist for Free

Play Bejeweled Twist Contests for Money
Bejeweled Twist is a spin off of the popular game Bejeweled. Bejeweled Twist online game contests are growing in popularity with new winners every day cashing in on gaming competitions for money. Also enjoy our free Bejeweled Twist game for fun and practicing for competition.

Here are a few Bejeweled Twist game tips:

  • If you have a number of available matches and you’re trying to maintain a chain, it usually works best if you move from the top down. By doing this you won’t disrupt the lower matches as you make the higher ones.
  • Watch for patterns in the gems… an ‘L’ shape can usually match.
  • Alternate between matching and non-matching moves so you can clear the Bomb Gems while maintaining your multiplier.
  • You don’t have to destroy Bomb Gems as soon as they appear, just be sure to take care of them before they detonate! Taking action before their counters get to five is safe in most situations.
  • To clear bomb gems that are difficult to match, utilize your lighting and flame gems.
  • Consecutive matches are the only way to achieve top-scores.


Play Wheel of Fortune for Money

Play Wheel of Fortune for Money

Wheel of Fortune Online Game Contests

Play Wheel of Fortune for Money           Play Wheel of Fortune Online for Free


Wheel of Fortune is a classic American game show. Enjoy solving the word puzzles as much as you like with our free online game play. Want to play for real cash? Try our Wheel of Fortune online game contests.

Get ready to spin the wheel! As the world’s most popular game show, the game play of Wheel Of Fortune is likely very familiar. In order to make this version fair for all players, however, please note that some things work differently from the show. For one, this version features two rounds: a main puzzle round, and then a bonus round. The values of the wedges on the wheel are also different than the ones on the current show. In addition, the value of the bonus round has changed and is now worth $1000. All these differences are designed to bring a balanced experience to all players, but the general game play is still the same: spin the wheel, pick your letters, and solve the puzzle!


Play Family Fued Online for Money

Play Family Feud for Money

Family Feud Game Contests Online

Play Family Feud for Money           Play Family Feud Free Online Game

Family Feud Online Game Contests
Family Feud online game contests are a great way to bring back the popular television show and hopefully walk away a winner with cash prizes. Play Family Feud free online for fun and practice.

In Family Feud, you’ll be asked to rate the popularity of answers to a series of survey questions. There are two parts to the game… the Main Round and the Fast Money Round. In the Main Round, beat the clock to figure out the most popular answers. Increase your score in the Fast Money Round by choosing the single most popular answer.

  • Keep an eye on the clock! You have a limited amount of time to answer each question.
  • Answer carefully but quickly! The faster you play, the higher your time bonus.
  • Avoid guessing — you’ll lose bonus points for every strike.